TigerStyle! Would like to present to you IdolEscence!  Here is your chance to become a part of TSC! IdolEscence is a program designed to develop elite dancers of the upmost character. Selected Dancers will be provided with several performance and training opportunities, real work experience, and a chance to join the official TSC! Do you have what it takes? Apply now! 

to complete your submission  

please follow these three steps.

step #1

Register and attend any stop on the D.Y.s.t 2019

Step #2

Fill out our questionnaire on a word doc 

1 what does being a part of TSC! mean to you

2 what do you have to contribute as a dancer?

3 which TSC! member do you admire most and why? 

4 what are your strengths?

5 where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?

6 what is your biggest failure?

7 what administrative role could you see yourself pursuing in the company 

in the future if asked? 

8 How do handle conflict?

step #3

attach questionnaire, headshot, & resume to an email to tigerstylecrew@yahoo.com